Percentage of an organisation's software budget spent on license complexity alone.
Percentage of software audits that result in additional charges for under-licensing.
Percentage that software contributes to an organisation's total IT budget. In some cases, as much as 50% of this goes to waste.
Software Licencing

Optima helps solve your most complex software licensing issues

Optima is an independent software licensing consultancy based in Sydney. We offer clients - and IT channel partners unparalleled international experience matched with deep local expertise across licensing best practices to help you achieve more successful software asset management.

At Optima, we're all about solving complex software licensing problems and achieving positive outcomes for all parties - vendors and end-users alike.The reality is you want to maintain an excellent relationship with your software vendors; after all it's their technology helping to drive your business success. We act on your behalf to help enable a mutually beneficial relationship, offering a credible, accurate and independent view based on our vast industry experience. If you are audited, we can help you rationalise, remediate, and reprovision your software licenses, while leveraging your negotiating position by uncovering and presenting new information of value to both parties so a positive outcome can be achieved.

Maximise your software investment without compromising on compliance

With over 60 years collective experience, our team is comprised of senior consultants with deep experience in the software asset management space, including related roles at Oracle and KMPG. We know this field from both sides of the boardroom table and we're adept at vendor negotiations while sharing key insights and recommendations so you can meet your regulatory obligations and save time, reduce costs, and ultimately utilise your budget for more strategic endeavours.

Optima's win-win solutions break new ground in a field where other providers too often treat audits and licensing best practice as an adversarial battle with the vendor. Crafting these solutions requires perspective, imagination and fresh thinking, combined with the maturity and subject matter expertise that can only be acquired through years of experience at the most senior level working with the largest global enterprises.
Software Investment

Optima's Software Licensing Solutions & Services

Licensing Audit and Analysis
Licensing Audit and Analysis
Licensing Optimisation
Licensing Optimisation
Licensing Modernisation
Licensing Modernisation
Migration to the Cloud
Migration to the Cloud
Compliance Advisory Services
Compliance Advisory Services

Experience that matters

When it comes to hard evidence, numbers speak for themselves. Here are some recent highlights from Optima's licensing consulting services track record:
  • Negotiate

    We negotiated whole-of-government contracts for two state governments.

  • licence

    We provided licensing consulting services to 20 leading universities.

  • optimise

    We optimised licensing costs by 50% for a major investment bank.

  • deliver

    We delivered cost recovery in excess of $20 million for three of Australia's '˜Big 4' banks.

Experience that matters

Top benefits of working with Optima

Local access to one of the world's most experienced software licensing and optimisation teams.
Reduce IT costs and limit business, reputation, and legal risk & costs related to software ownership.
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Maximise IT responsiveness, end-user productivity, and the success of digital transformation projects.
Better manager your vendor and partner relationships while solving your most complex software licensing issues.

Let's talk about you

Get in touch with the Optima team today for a confidential conversation about your requirements. Over a coffee, we can help you take stock of the current industry landscape with regard to software best practices before you decide on your next course of action.

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